The Future of Custom Manufcatured Apparel.

We believe there is a revolution in the making. Social media has made it possible for wellness companies and fashion oriented fitness advocates to reach millions of fans everyday. We provide these organizations and individuals with a one-stop solution for their very own line of custom apparel. We manufacture apparel from scratch, or let you choose from blank items that we customize with your printed artwork. So no matter whether you own a global fitness conglomerate, or run a small boutique gym, you are welcome to team up with us for your own custom fitness apparel.

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I have been in the textile manufacturing industry for over two decades, and in the last years I have seen a huge change in the dynamics of the how the textile B2B market work. Earlier, it was all about moving huge volumes to major fashion corporations, and even larger quantities of re-orders with identical items. Today it is instead all about fast fashion, and thanks to social media there are new fashion houses appearing every day.

This is especially true for fitness entrepreneurs. These small, passionate, and often innovative companies have created a new scene for fitness fashion. They are passionate and personally involved, and require smaller volumes, excellent worksmanship, and quicker lead times. We felt strongly we wanted to assist these companies to reach their goals, and have therefore developed a business model in accordance with their specific demands.

Being a yoga instructor and passionate fitness advocate myself, I know the importance of good quality apparel. I have also seen the gym going from a place where bodybuilders lift weight, to a place for everyday people to meet up after work. This development towards a place for social hang out has naturally also made the gym more fashion oriented, and a place were people want to dress well.


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We understand that there is a lot to consider before starting your own apparel line. We are here to provide you with any information you might need before taking the first step.

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